Dudley Surprise

Today I photographed one of my favorite families, The Dudleys.  So imagine this scenario,  I am done with the photo shoot and packing up my car and Bo arrives back home from the hospital (By the way-please everyone pray for his mom-she is in room 428 at Doctors Hospital one door down from Rhonda-please pray for them both to get better), he throws Jake up on his shoulders and starts talking to me. As he is bouncing around Jake starts giggling and smiling….and I’m like wait just a second, unpacking my gear…this is the smile I have waited all day for….above was my last shot of the day….now does life get any better than that-I think not!

I must say I am totally enjoying spontaneous photography.  I am not in a hurry and just enjoy doing what I do best. Here is one of my favorite pictures of the day.. Adan is trying to get me with his laser tag ultra cool fighter gun…This is a true portrait of a five year old.

Thank you guys for a fun afternoon and for hiring Sally Kolar Photography!

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