Molly turns one!


Today I had an extremely nice day. I spent the afternoon with the Akers Family in Grovetown.  They were so nice. Troy and Nancy helped me build a set up in Mollie’s room, and it was so much fun. We were able to use all of Mollie’s toys and books as props for her photo shoot. Plus, we dressed Mollie up in a little cheerleading outfit from Virginia Tech….she was so cute.  Mollie is such a happy baby, and she is already looking at all the books, I know she is going to be a good reader!!! She had one big smile after another. When we got done inside, we hopped in the car and went over to the Quary by their house. It was just beautiful!!! I want to tell everybody, get in your car and go over and check it out, there are nice walking trails, and the lake just reflected the clouds in the sky like a dream. It was a perfect day!!! 

Troy, Nancy and Mollie-Thank you all for hiring Sally Kolar Photography-I truly appreciate your business.

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