Paul Pearman Designs

Today’s photo session was with world famous mosaic artist, Paul Pearman.  What an honor to meet him. His work is stunning.  His belt buckles are just beautiful. It was such a pleasure to work with this team of highly talented individuals. They brought cool clothing, a fabulous old guitar, amazing boots and 1980 retro jackets found on a bidding war on e-bay! Plus boxes and boxes of Paul’s stunning belt buckles!!! Wow!!! What an exciting day. Life couldn’t get any better. The models, Tim and Courtney should be hired by Ralph Lauren, they were exceptionally beautiful and so nice and easy to work with.  And may I add, so highly photogenic. Michelle, Paul’s wife, was amazing at wardrobe, posing and as our personal wine hostess. Thanks to Libby and her children for rounding out the day and making sure everything went smooth. I will be so excited to see your ads in Skirt Magazine and look forward to working with you all again in the future. (P.S. to Paul-I think you were a photographer in your previous life-you are certaintly a man of many talents) Thanks for hiring Sally Kolar Photography

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