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Cassandra and Samuel Engagement Photos


This morning began with a beautiful drive to Aiken. I am always impressed with how beautiful the city is, and my favorite park, Hopeland Gardens. As I waited the arrival of Cassandra and Samuel, I was able to walk the park and truly absorb the beauty of it all. I was blessed with the quietness […]

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Tiffany and Ben Engagement Photos


Hey Everybody, Tonight I photographed Tiffany and Ben’s engagement session!! This was very exciting for me because Tiffany is a fellow photographer and very good friend of mine. Our session was at the Riverwalk right before dusk and we did a lot of fun pictures. Ben and Tiffany were awesome! They look so good together. […]

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Today I had a blast! I got to spend the morning photographing a beautiful new baby. Her mom, Tiffany and her soon to be sister in law, Laura brought Gabby to my studio to be photographed. Wow…is all I can say, she is so beautiful. I have been working on your images and I think […]

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T. Mack Taylor, LLC.


Today I photographed Mack Taylor for his business portrait. He has just started his own law practice and is going to use my photo in his yellow page ad! (It turned out so good.) I hope if you need an attorney you will call Mack, he is so nice. He is located at 7013 Evans […]

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Olivia’s Skirt Magazine


The girls at Olivia’s are ready for spring! The store is so beautiful and fresh! Lot’s of new frames…which would be fabulous with some of my photography…(hint ..hint) and lots of new items…purses, spanks, and hanky panky underwear. It is all so fun, we thought we would take a splash at a clean fun add […]

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Mish Mash Skirt March


Today I was out photographing Mish Mash for Skirt Magazine. It is a busy place in there! Right now they are having a wharehouse sale. Some of the things are just so beautiful, I personally have my eye on a bar set that could be converted into a front desk…(starting to dream of my very […]

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Tommy and Mary 50th Anniversary


Today I photographed Tommy and Mary on the steps of Warren Baptist Church. It’s as if time stood still, they where married there fifty years ago. They both look the same, with the exception of a few gray hairs which they chose to keep! They are so sweet and still very much in love. I […]

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Beth Bazemore Childcare Network


Today was a busy day. I photographed Beth Bazemore from Childcare Network. She is the Director of the wonderful development school for children in Martinez. It is a wonderful center. Beth wanted to update her picture on her website. We took a few different poses, and I am putting one up here for you to […]

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Today I photographed Olivia. She is so beautiful!!! And she was a perfect baby today, she smiled all the way through her entire session. It was so awesome, I pulled out my bottle of bubbles and to my surprise it was the first time Olivia has ever seen bubbles, by the time we were done, […]

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Paul and Tatum’s Engagement Photos


Hey everybody! Well, today I met Paul and Tatum out at Cuscowilla Golf Course by Lake Oconee to do engagement photos. I thought I was going somewhere new, but I was shocked when I pulled in because it is the same resort my friends Susan and John Hardy have a vacation home in. (Susan’s family […]

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