Alicia and Anthony’s Engagement Pictures




We drove to Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday to do Alicia and Anthony’s engagement session. It was my first time in Charlotte and it was amazing. Shun, Lisa and Anthony Jr. took us all over the city so we could photograph them in their hometown. We went to the boardwalk-it was stunning, then we went downtown to the Hornets Stadium-it was huge.( I didn’t even know Charlotte had a football team, now I want to go to a Hornets game.} Then we headed to Dave and Buster’s for fun, although D&B does not allow camera’s ….go figure on that one …(how do you have fun without a camera) and then we ended up at their local bar pool hall  restaurant so we could do their action pool pictures. We had a spectaculor day and I believe got some amazing photos of the two of them. The wedding is right around the corner…May 30th! It’s coming faster than you can imagine!!! Shun and Alicia, your pictures will be online by the end of the evening, and I hope you love your collage as much as I do. Thank you for letting us follow you around on your typical day of  fun, I just want to know when can we come back?!!!. ~Sally

Augusta Photographer-Sally Kolar

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