Alexis Brunk

alexis-brunk-bloga1I had the pleasure of photographing Alexis Brunk this past week. All of her pictures are fabulous! She is a beautiful girl. We had photographed images in the studio, and decided to head to the park behind the studio. We were blessed with overcast clouds in the middle of the afternoon and the lighting was fabulous. I spotted a tree and stopped in my tracks, I had told Alexis we were going to photograph somewhere else and she was already posed, I called her and told her to get over to this tree because the lighting was perfect. When Alexis posed next to the tree, it just looked amazing, and just as I was to photograph came a gentle breeze, which lifted her hair and her dress in a fleeting moment. I generally seldom get excited about a photograph, but I told her mother at the time, I just nailed that shot! Well, take a look for yourself…I don’t believe my photography can get much better than this, this image is amazing and one of the best I believe I have ever shot!!! Thank you so much Alexis! And congratulations on your graduation from Lakeside High School. ~Sally

Augusta Photographer-Sally Kolar

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