Alicia’s Bridal Portraits


Hey Everybody! Today I photographed Alicia’s Bridal Portrait. It was so good to see her.  She drove down from Charlotte just to do her portraits. She has been very busy getting ready for the wedding and was telling me about how quick the date is approaching! Alicia’s wedding is going to be unbelievable, she is inviting 400 guest and she has 11 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!!! Talk about an event!!!  Well, we did not want Anthony to see her pictures and we talked about doing a private blog, but I was able to capture this stunning image of Alicia smiling…with no dress showing…and decided to use it for the blog. However, if you want to see Alicia’s images, you will have to ask her for the password, they are protected….We don’t want everyone to see the dress quite yet!! And to you Alicia, I am still working on your images, they are stunning, and I should have them online shortly. I hope you will blog me back and let me know how you like them once they are all up. I really enjoyed seeing you today and hope your day was beautiful. ~Sally

Augusta Photographer Sally Kolar

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