Photography Class-Shutter Speeds

shutter-blog1So, last night was another fun photography class. We started the evening talking about what we had learned about aperture, and then when everyone was comfortable we moved onto shutter speeds. Everyone is starting to understand basic photography lingo. The class assignment given last night was to take your camera and photograph a drip, whether it be rain or a waterfall or bathtub water , or soda flowing and whatever creative thing you can think of and do it at different shutter speeds so you can see the difference. If you are not in the class, please feel free to try it, send me your photos and I will post them. We want everyone to understand the camera better, because hey we all love photography and that is what it is all about. And did I mention again, I love this class. The people are fantastic. And Betty, the owner of the Scrap Shack even made it on the news yesterday and told the world about our photography class. Life does not get any better. Now send me your photos!!! Sally

Augusta Photographer-Sally Kolar

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