Shelly and Khan’s Engagement Photos

shelly-blog2Hey Everybody, we headed to Atlanta today to finally meet Shelly and Khan. I was so excited! Shelly and Khan are really good friends with Paul, so I new they were  going to be very special. We spent the day photographing in Piedmont Park which was right next to their condominium in downtown Atlanta. It was just beautiful. The park was filled with families, joggers, bicyclist and lots of children. The weather was perfect and it was a great day. We got lots of great pictures and when we came back to the condo, we got to play with their dog, Rex! Does life get any better? I think not. Well, the wedding is approaching fast it is August 8th, and it is going to be amazing. I am very happy for you both, congratulations on your engagement.

Augusta Photographer-Sally Kolar

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