The Marek Boys

shanon-blog1Hey Everybody, I photographed Shanan’s little boys today, how cute are they? !!! So full of smiles and giggles. You have just got to love it. I loved watching Shanan interact with her boys. She is such an amazing mom.  So loving and so caring. She was singing and making them laugh, it reminded me of the days when Matthew and Brittany were little.  It is amazing how time flies, Grant is already growing so fast! He is almost approaching nine months, wasn’t he born yesterday? Crazy how time flies. That’s why I always say, take your pictures momma, cause these babies soon will be grown and leaving for college, just like mine! Well, Shanan, I hope your ready to look at pictures, your boys did amazing, it just took a long time to figure out when we both could to this, lol. ~Sally

Augusta Photographer Sally Kolar

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