White Sox’s and Marlins T-Ball

collageblog1Hey T-Ball Fans! I am out in Evans tonight photographing Linda Haley’s grandson’s  team The White Sox’s!!! Well, I love that I can blog and have fun with things so here goes. I photographed the kids with the normal group shot and then asked them all to put their hats on backwards. As you can tell, they all started chuckling and wow….it reminded me of a Norman Rockwell moment!!! What a fun night watching these kids learn to hit the ball. I praise all the parents for the love and dedication they are giving to these young children. The field was packed. It was a great summer night. So thank you so much for asking me to come out to the field. Now if this is your first time on my site here’s how it works.

 On the top of the home page is a header bar, look fo the words “Your Event” then double click it. It will take you to another page with all of my galleries. Look for the gallery that says YMCA. You can just order your pictures online. When you go to check out, it wil say there is a $5.95 charge for shipping. I am waiving this on all YMCA orders, so put in this coupon code: YMCA and it will deduct $5.95 from your order. If you have any questions at all, just e-mail me  or call 706.513.7290 and I will answer your questions. And thank you so much for hiring my company to photography your beautiful children.


Augusta Photographer Sally Kolar

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