Duckworth’s Birthday Bash Surprise!

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Hey Everybody, Well you all know I spend my freetime over at Duckworth Design Center, and well Charles was telling me that his mother is celebrating her 80th birthday this Saturday, and he had the idea to take old photos and make a cool collage. And so I’m sure you can all guess where this story is going…he gave me a lot of pictures yesterday (all snapshots)…with a lifetime of love. Well, if you think about it, we all have boxes and boxes of old photos, and how fun to take them out and actually make a collage. It was a project I enjoyed doing. I converted all of the pictures into digital files and created this special birthday present, and now it is on the way to the lab, and if Fed Ex does a great job, the family will have it all ready by Saturday, thank goodness they own the frame company and can frame this quickly. There’s nothing like a last minute idea…Hey Charles, next time can you just give me a few more seconds??? lol..Sally

Augusta Photographer Sally Kolar

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