Duckworths Grand Opening

duckworth blogHey Everybody! I am over in Martinez today at my favorite frame company Duckworth’s! Now Duckworth’s has been open for quite awhile but today was their official grand opening perfomed by the Chamber.  The place looked amazing! Charles, Brad and Natalie worked so hard pulling this whole event together. The place was spotless! Lots of new frames and cool pictures to look at. You must go check it out. The design center is located at 3814 Commercial Court in Martinez. It is right next to the Martinez post office. Master of the ceremony was Jim Tingen, with his new Program co-ordinator Lauren Matthaus.  It is always fun to go to Chamber events and see the group. Angie Brock, from the Cleveland Group, thanked everybody for coming. It just was a fun event. Plus, the Duckworth’s had food out for everybody and macadamia cookies that were to die for, plus they even brought in diet coke, and I know that was just for me! So, you all must get in the car and go check it out, because they just are the best in the whole world! (PS-in the lobby is the amazing shadow box they made of Michael Paul’s football season at Lakeside-I’m telling you the truth-you need to go check it out!)

Augusta Photographer-Sally Kolar

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