Jefferson L. Morriss Photo of the Week

jeff blog of week 1Many of you remember, my adventures with Jeff photographing-the dude hiked with me into Larrabee state park, that is a true story, and …many stories like this are part of our past. It is the reality of what we do, that we lose equipment trying to capture the beauty of the earth. I shake my head in wonder that Jeff brought us this photo, and well we should set up a trust fund for a new lens for him or help him by buying photos from his website, here’s Jeff’s adventure that brought you this week’s photo. (Jeff, did I mention your awesome!~Sally)

From Jefferson: I just got back from backpacking trip out to the beautiful Shi Shi(pronounced Shy Shy)beach on the coast of Washington State. I headed out around 5am to get this photo at low tide. After getting this photo on my way back I slip and down went the camera. I busted my 18-135mm lens off in a couple pieces and then it rolled into the water. The lcd on the body cracked and some water got in my viewfinder but it still worked somehow. Thank goodness for insurance. 
ISO 100 F22 1/2 Sec
Sunrise on the Arch

Point of Arches, Shi Shi Beach 

Olympic National Park,Washington State

-Jefferson L. Morriss

By the way, here are pictures of Jeff’s poor lens-
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