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Hey Everybody, Yesterday Rachel came to the studio with her mom, Terri,  for some new photographs to take with her as she heads off to college at the University of Georgia. In the next few weeks, she will be rushing and wants to have pictures to give to the sorority houses.  She is a beautiful young lady and her pictures are amazing!  Rachel is a graduate of Lakeside High School class of 2009! Last year she worked really hard studying, so she is enjoying her summer off relaxing and going out with friends. She is enjoying her last few weeks at home, with her mom and dad, and her cute little puppy Jake (a Boston Terrier) who she is really going to miss!  Rachel is very excited about heading off to college and she plans on getting very involved right from the beginning! She plans on majoring in business management and hopefully going on to get a law degree. We wish her the best as she begins this exciting journey, although I must say, we are going to miss her at Lakeside! Rachel, I hope you love your pictures.

Augusta Photographer-Sally Kolar

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