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Hey Everybody, I would like to introduce you to one of my new senior reps, Tara Morgan. Tara is the daughter of Jeff Morgan and Nancy Young. She was brought into the studio today by her new stepdad, David, who was awesome at helping us light Tara’s photos. Tara is going to be a senior at Lakeside High School She participates in Cross County, track and field. Last year she was on the cheerleading squad, and was a rower. She has coached at Gymnastics Gold and is quite an athlete. She is excited about being a senior and a little nervous also. She has set her goal to attend the University of Georgia and will be working hard this year to achieve that goal. Tara just participated in the Miss RiverBlast pageant and did an awesome job. I am excited to have her as a senior rep! She is a beautiful young lady. ~Sally
Augusta Photographer Sally Kolar

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