The Jones Family

jones blogHey Everybody, I’m in North Augusta today photographing the best family in the whole world! That’s right, I had the pleasure of photographing Sam and Linda Jones and their beautiful family. Everyone was in town today for Linda’s 60th Birthday. (Happy Birthday Linda!) The family is throwing a big party over at the Savannah River Pavilon tonight. So we started the day early with family pictures. Their son, Chad was in town with his wife Aimee, and their two beautiful children Clay and Hannah. The kids came down from Covington for the big party. Also, Dorie Jones, their daughter drove up from beautiful St. Simone’s Island. It was a wonderful time. And I love their children, Dorie helped direct the family with the most amazing  photo session, and as you can see on my home page,  we did a Beatle impression of Abbie Road! The whole session was so much fun and what a hoot to be around such happy group and just have fun, now that’s my kind of photo session. I hope you all just love your pictures and that you have a wonderful time visiting your family-your pictures will be online shortly! Augusta Photographer-Sally Kolar

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