Carter at the Park!

Carter blogHey Everybody, I was up early yesterday. I was photographing  Connie Palmer’s grandson Carter at the Living History Park. They have a wonderful little creek with a very small (baby) waterfall. It  was just perfect for Carter. He was able to put his little boat in the water, get a little wet, on a hot August day, and squeel with delight as his boat went down the stream. He is a very good little boy and the pictures of him playing turned out perfect! And well, as for Connie and me…we both got a little wet. I believe you photograph children at their level, so take a look at the pictures and you can guess by what I’m telling you, that meant I was actually laying in the stream to photograph! Thank goodness it was August, the water was delightfully clean and brisk!  It was a crazy wonderful day. Sammy Anderson was still laughing at how I looked when I was done. And one last little note: Tthe Living History Park is my favorite park in all of Augusta. The park is located at 299 W. Spring Grove Avenue in North Augusta, South Carolina. The park is run by all volunteers headed by Lynn Thompson. They do a wonderful job maintaining the park, but it takes resources. Over 20,000 people visit the park throughout the year. The park is open 7 days a week 365 days a year. All events are free. The Living History Park is managed by Olde Towne Preservation Association, a 501c non-profit organization. 90% of donations directly support the Park! So any of you looking for a great place to make a donation please, I encourage you to donate to the Living History Park.. 

Olde Towne Preservation Association
P.O. Box 7915
North Augusta, South Carolina 29861



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