Lakeside High Freshman Cheerleaders

collageHey everybody, it has been crazy! I have been photographing non stop since last Friday, and now on Sunday, I am playing catch up, thank you all for being patient with me, I had a busy weekend. I had a large wedding in Atlanta on Saturday and four photo sessions on Sunday. So, now let me tell you about what I did last Friday! Let me introduce you to the new Varsity Freshman cheerleaders. They are: Nikki Koellner, Madison Cochran, Arden Mobley and Carson Ginn. (*Yes, that’s right Carson Ginn is Bo Ginn’s sister, one of Matt’s best friends!) The girls are awesome!!! And we had so much fun. Here’s a little bit of the scoop on them, first Nikki. She is excited to be a cheerleader her freshman year. She thinks the team is amazing. She is especially proud that she will be on the same team with her older sister. Karah, and be able to cheer beside her  during her sister’s senior year. Nikki has been a cheerleader at Haydens, and is very happy to be on the LHS team. Next Madison, she has also cheered at Hayden’s. She also cheered in middle school at Riverside and Stallings Island. She is very excited about going to high school and a little nervous. She is excited about cheering on Friday nights…and she is really excited about doing competition cheer. And her favorite part about cheerleading is the bonding.  Our next new freshman is Arden Mobley. She has cheered for three years at Stallings Island and at Haydens. She is really excited about going to high school and getting to meet new friends. Her favorite cheer with Lakeside is Ironman! And she does an awesome job cheering it, she actually showed me, it was so great. Our last new freshman cheerleader is Carson Ginn. She has cheered at Hayden’s and Lakeside Middle and Stallings Island Middle school. She is excited about starting high school and a little nervous. However, she is very proud she made varsity cheer her freshman year! Well, there you have it, the new freshman cheerleaders for LHS..Go Panthers! ~Sally

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