Lakeside Senior Cheerleaders

seniorblogHey Everybody, well the days keep rolling on toward the fall and onto footlball season. Today I  photographed the beautiful rising senior cheerleaders.  This year, the team is very small. There are only four senior cheerleaders! They are Katelynn Coley, Karah Koellner, Miranda Soloff, and Rachelle Price. They arrived at the studio full of big smiles and ready to take on the world. So, we headed out, this time to the golf course.  I want to thank the North Augusta River Club! They let us on photograph on their golf course. It was amazing. And from the start of the day till the end we had so much fun, and the day was just beautiful. We have lots of fun picutes so you all can enjoy, asd as usual I’m going to tell you a little bit about these wonderful highly talented girls. First, Katelynn Coley…(aka Mike Gram’s girlfriend-tell Mike goodluck at Limestone!) is excited about starting her senior year and the possibilites of taking the next step to move onto college. What she likes so far about being a senior is that she gets to make decision’s and be more in charge of things. Katelynn was able to help choose this year’s t-shirt for the cheerleaders it has black and silver text and the girls name on the back of the shirt. The other senior girls selcted another shirt (yes there are two-of course) designed by Karah and Miranda that are orange and teal. I can’t wait to see them! One of the things I found most interesting about this group of girls they have all been in the Columbia County schools since the beginning, (that’s a wow, to me since my children went to six different schools.) Katelynn went to Blue Ridge, Stevens Creek, Lakeside Middle and now is at Lakeside High. She is also active in her church and works in the 1st-5th grade children’s ministry at Warren Baptist Church. She is one of the nicest girls I have ever met. I am proud she is a Lakeside Cheerleader. Our next senior cheerleader, is Karah Koellner. Karah is very excited to be a senior. She is happy to finally be topped ranked at the school. She likes the confidence it gives her and the ability to be able to help and show underclassman the ropes. She wants to study hard this year. She is in all AP classes, and hopes to attend UGA and even aspires to do early enrollment! WOW! She is enjoying the fact that there are only a few seniors on the squad this year, the four girls have become best friends and are very tight. She loves that. She also enjoyed learning new routines this year for cheerleading especially the one designed by Christa Britt. Karah also has always attended school here, she went to Stevens Creek, Riverside Middle and now Lakeside High. She has cheered at Haydens for many years and the last two years she has worked there. She is enthusiastic and amazing! Our next wonderful senior cheerleader is Miranda Soloff. Miranda is looking forward to being a senior. She wants to attend every game for every sport she can and just enjoy her senior year. She wants to “soak it all in!” She is headed to college next year with USC Aiken, and either wants to major in education or the medicine field. Besides cheering and studying, Miranda has volunteered as a candy striper at Doctor’s Hospital for three summers. Her eyes lit up when she talked about it, she enjoys helping patients and just being helpful at the hospital! (Miranda thank you so much for your community volunteer work, that is so awesome!) And like the other girls, she has lived here her whole life, she went to Blue Ridge Elementary, Lakeside Middle, and Lakeside High.  Our last senior cheerleader is Rachelle Price. When I looked up and asked Rachelle to tell me about herself, the other three girls giggled and chimed in, oh Mrs. Kolar….Rachelle is  going to be our valedvictorian! Wow!!! (Do you know how hard that is to do…especially at Lakeside) So Rachelle is very busy in honor classes. But, she loves to have fun. She thinks the cheerleading squad this year is really good. She did not cheer last year, she took a year off to concentrate on school, and it has paid off. Rachelle plans to attend UGA. Also, like the other girls she has attended school here her whole life, she went to Blue Ridge Elementary, Lakeside Middle and now Lakeside High. In her free time (does the girl have free time?) she cheers and works at Gymnastic Gold. Well, look above, our girls are pretty, beautiful, kind, sweet the list goes on. What a great year we are going to have!  So girls go look at your pictures, e-mail me which ones you want used for the program. ~Sally

Augusta Photographer Sally Kolar

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