Lakeside Sophomore Cheerleaders

sophomore cheerleadersblogHey Lakeside Fans! We are getting ready for the new football program, so I was out yesterday photographing the sophomore cheerleaders (Can you name them?….Regan Askin, Taylor Banks, Tatum Brown, Laura Ashley Ross, Victoria Smiley, Aspen Mutimer, Haley Kalor, Kirsten Henner- and not pictured Avery Kernaghon) for the football program.  Now this is one very special group of girls, they are fun, they are beautiful and they are excited about our upcoming football season. We took pictures all over and there are lots to choose from. This certaintly wasn’t the most beautiful picture of the day, I love the gazebo shots, but it was one of the most FUN! And fun is AWESOME! So I decided to do the blog up in it! So what you all have to do is go to the top of my home page, click on “Your Event” and look at all your pictures, then collectively as a group send me an e-mail of what you would like me to try to use for the football program! You are all amazing and I had so much fun with you! (Remember to e-mail me what you like) Sally

Augusta Photographer Sally Kolar

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