Savoie-Pohlel Wedding

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Shelly Savoie married Khan Pohlel this past Saturday, August 8th, 2009, at the Villa Christina in Atlanta, Georgia. It was beautiful wedding. Shelly and Khan both were so excited and so happy. The order of the ceremony started with the processional and then the brides entrance.  Shelly was escorted by her parents, Keith and Dolly Becnel.  Shelly was seated on one side of the partition and Khan on the other side. The ceremony, The Nikah was perfomed. This included the vows, mahr, contract signing with witnesses, and the sermon.  After Shelly consented to the marriage and signed the paperwork, the curtain partition was taken down and the two were seated together. Trays of gifts were presented to the bride from the groom’s family. It was amazing. The tray’s contained the wedding rings, jewelry, sweets for the guests, and fruit for the couple. The bride’s family also included gift’s with a cajun flare. After the ceremony, there was a lunch reception and then the couple waved goodbye and were chauffered away in a beautiful Bentley. It was a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to you both! ~Sally

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