The Spence Family

spence blogHey everybody! I’m out in North Augusta tonight photographing the Spence Family for Sammy Anderson. They are a fun group! Wayne and Celeste Spencer wanted to have their family photographed, and it took a lot of energy to pull this together. The group is large-nineteen to be exact, and they were all invited afterwards to a barbeque dinner by Wayne and Celeste which they all were looking forward to. So look at the photo and see if you can find them…Larry, Dee Dee, Wayne II, Kyle, Leon, Wendi, Jayci (Davidson), Layne, Kayti, Jason, Deborah, Kailey, Morgan, Anna-Lori Smith, Auburn Smith, Cole and Shae. I laughed like crazy when the kids build a pyramid and then toppled it over, it was as much fun as watching the family skip across the yard. It is so nice to be around such a nice and happy loving family. I hope you all love your photos. Sally

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