Jacki and Jarrod’s Engagement Photos


blog newHey Everybody, I am back in town, here in North Augusta at the park photographing Jacki and Jarrod’s engagment photos! Their wedding is just around the corner, they are getting married on October 24th, 2009 in Destin, Florida!!! They wanted some engagement photos before hand, so they headed out my way for a fun evening at the park.  And it is a small world too, Jarrod works with Samuel (that is right…remember Samuel and Cassandra- I just love them-from Fort Gordon, Samuel and Jarrod are both recruiters.) Back to my session here, they brought with them, their wonderful four year old rescued pup, Toby, who is such a great dog, and we had fun walking thru the park, and watching him splash in the water. I didn’t realize how large Toby was till I got home and looked at photos…no wonder Jarrod was looking at me crazy when I said, I could hold the leash…yea right, this is one big cute dog!!! Anyway, we had a wonderful time, Jarrod and Jacki are so awesome and fun to be with. They met in Elizabeth Town….it was so cute how Jacki called it “E” town (does that stand for Elizabeth town or “Engagement town”? lol…what a great session we had. Hope you all enjoy your photos. Sally

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