Lakeside Over Evans!!!


football blogHey Everybody! Well, this has been one exciting weekend! Friday finally rolled around and Lakeside’s big home game. It was a rush for us all. I heard the players, cheerleaders and coaches were all ready to go after the big pep rally….but on the production end of the football program we were slow pokes… We were  finally ready and handed the programs at 3:00! It all worked out… It was fabulous-all the senior looked so good in the program, after I delivered them to the school, I could’nt leave, the excitement was contagious-it was in the air. This being their first game we were all hoping for a big win, and we got it. The game was awesome! And the Virginia Tech band game and played at halftime to promote the Ryan Clark scholorship, they were amazing!!! It was a long day…I took some 1,200 images, and their online for you to see.  I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as the  game! Sally

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