Mallory Swann


Hey Everybody!!! What a busy busy weekend. Wow…I just got a minute to start uploading photos from all of my sessions, and wow…woww..wooowwww.!!!! Need to find a new way to say WOW!!! I was at the studio Saturday morning with senior Mallory Swann. Mallory attends North Augusta High School and she is just beautiful!!! We did an indoor session and then headed downtown to do some cool funky urban stuff. We found out where NOT to shoot, as Mallory got covered in red clay standing up next to one of the buildings downtown, I guess this building has bit the dust so to speak, Mallory was just leaning up against the building and the next thing you knew she was covered in red clay…It was all over her clothing and her hands, what a MESS!!! We had to wipe her down as we continued on her shoot. Never fear..She is one tough girl (a little clay will never hurt her, lol ), she is also a member of Beta Club, National Honor Society (pretty and smart-great combination) She is a member of the Freshman-Sophomore Junior Advisory, and she is a member of the Fellowhip of Christian Athletes. And may I add to the list highly photogenic!!! Our photo shoot was a blast, and I need to stop typing so I can load Mallory’s pictures. If you want to see them you will need to ask Mallory, they are password protected but I am sure you will all get to see them, with photos like these, she will be bragging all over the school. To Mallory, you are the best…I truly hope you love your photos, I had fun doing your shoot! ~Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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