Matt and Katie

Hey Everybody!!! Thanks for checking in on my blog tonight. Look …Look at this…our very own Lakeside guy, Matt is engaged!!!! I am so excited for him!!! His fiancee is Katie and they met at college, and well, check her out, she is amazing. She is beautiful, smart, funny, kind, loving and so sweet. It was an awesome day to photograph the two of them out and about today. If you see Matt around town, or over at a football game give him a big pat on the back, he has picked an awesome girl to marry and I speak for everyone…we are so happy for him!!! To Matt and Katie, I hope you love your photos!!!

After we went down to the canal, we decided to stop downtown by the water…and well the history is the rest, Matt and Katie were so happy after they cooled down, I love this photo!!!


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