The Lowry Family

Hey Everybody, it was a late night last night. I was in the studio with my web site guru Evan and his wife, Krista’s family, The Lowry’s. They had me laughing so hard. We did traditional pictures, and then the next thing I knew they had Santa hats on and were asking if they could do Christmas photos. One of their boys is headed overseas and won’t be home for two years. so getting Christmas cards done early was on their wish list!!!

Hey, I’m game for Christmas photos in August, why not!!! Heck,  I’m the girl who used to order Christmas china ornaments for my children five years in advance from Susie Ferguson. She would laugh as she dated them so far in advance.  Ok, sorry I’ll stop remeniscing about my own family-back to Evan, It was a wonderful fun shoot. It made me feel really good to give back to him, over the last two years  he has helped me tremendously with my website, and I feel honored to have him on my team…santa hats and all. Hope you all love the photos. ~Sally

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