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Caitlyn’s Birthday Portraits

Hey Everybody, I was in the studio yesterday with Caitlyn Oellerich and her mom. We were doing her birthday portraits. She is having a really big party next month at the Partridge Inn, which I will be photographing and she wanted to have a portrait made for the event. Also, we will be making princess […]

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Cade Hardin Senior Pictures

Hey Everybody, I am out today with Cade Hardin doing his senior pictures. He is one of our wonderful senior athletes and a part of our very own Lakeside High School football team. Just the other night, he was one of just a few students who were honored with the “Triple Threat” Award for Athletics!!! […]

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Joanne Cain

Hey Everybody! Check this out! I am at Ethan Uslan’s concert at St. Paul’s and I look across the room and my eye catches the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. So before the night is thru, I run over to her, hand her my card, and tell her that our meeting is destiny. […]

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The Anderson’s

Hey Everybody, I was in the studio yesterday with the Anderson Family. I photographed them awhile back and they came in for another family session. This time besides Billy, Sarah, and Maverick, they brought with them their new little baby brother Everitt. He is so cute. We had a wonderful photo session, and it felt […]

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Ethan Uslan-Piano “Music with Laurel and Hardy”

Hey Everybody! I was honored to be hired by Ethan Uslan to photograph his concert this past Monday evening at St. Paul’s Church in Augusta, Georgia. The concert was part of the Westobou Festival and it was amazing!!! Ethan played “Music with Laurel and Hardy” Ethan was fabulous and if you ever get a chance […]

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Lakeside Homecoming Queen-Emily Bordon!!!

Congratulations to Emily Bordon who was crowned Homecoming Queen last night at the Homecoming Game!!!!   Original Post: Hey Everybody, it is now 12:01 am. which means it is HOMECOMING today!!!! Earlier this evening I saw the Ginn’s and heard the bonfire and the parade went well. I know it is going to be an […]

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Payton has taken his FIRST STEPS!!!!

  Hey Everybody!!! It must be a new month, because I am out with Cyndi Blair and her boys.  And we have BREAKING NEWS!!!! Payton has taken his first steps!!! He was starting to walk early last week so Cyndi call me and was so excited. She’s like, Sally let’s photograph  as soon as possible. And […]

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Vicki and Monu’s Engagement Photos

Hey Everybody, I have been traveling all over photographing non stop and today was no exception. I spent the morning with Vicki and Monu-they traveled in to meet me. They are getting married in Augusta in October at the Old Government House. Today was an awesome day as we finally got to meet. Vicki’s mom […]

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Matt and Katie’s Engagement Party!!!

Hey Everybody, I am over in Martinez tonight celebrating Matt and Katie’s engagement. The Brejda’s are really excited about Matt’s wedding and also the house is all a buzz because tommorrow is Matt’s birthday!!!! There was plenty to celebrate. Katie’s mom and sister came in from Cherry Hill, New Jersey and she also had friends […]

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2nd Annual Lakeside Panther Cheer Classic

Hey Everybody, I was out today at Lakeside High School Photographing their second annual Lakeside Panther Cheer Classic. It felt good to be home and in the gym. It has been awhile since I have been up to the school so I really enjoyed seeing everybody, and wow, did the girls at Lakeside put on […]

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