BREAKING NEWS!!! Payton has taken his FIRST STEPS!!!!


Hey Everybody!!! It must be a new month, because I am out with Cyndi Blair and her boys.  And we have BREAKING NEWS!!!! Payton has taken his first steps!!! He was starting to walk early last week so Cyndi call me and was so excited. She’s like, Sally let’s photograph  as soon as possible. And when I saw him in the park trying to walk it was so adorable. He is changing so much!!! And it is so awesome, we have followed him every month since he was born, the transformation has been unbelievable!!! And we were in the park a year ago, when we laid him on the grass and all he could do was look up at us and smile. Cyndi also had gel and she put it in his hair and he looked just like his big brother Aidan. It is amazing how fast time goes and I commend  Cyndi Blair for photographing every moment of her childrens journey. It takes alot of committment to stop and schedule photo sessions but her committment to this project has been unbelievable. We hope to follow the boys every month till high school graduation!!! WE must be nuts!!! or simply just love these boys!! ~ Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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