Ethan Uslan-Piano “Music with Laurel and Hardy”

Hey Everybody! I was honored to be hired by Ethan Uslan to photograph his concert this past Monday evening at St. Paul’s Church in Augusta, Georgia. The concert was part of the Westobou Festival and it was amazing!!! Ethan played “Music with Laurel and Hardy” Ethan was fabulous and if you ever get a chance to see him play again here in town, you need to come see him!!!

This was in the program -The Columbia County Orchestra Association put out about Ethan:

Ethan Uslan

Ethan Uslan (pronounced “Yoo-slin”) is one of the hottest names on the ragtime/traditional jazz scene today. The first place winner of the 2007 World Championship Old Time Piano Playing contest (Peoria, Il), Uslan has perfomred NPR’s “A Prairie Home Companion” as well as various concerts and festivals nationwide. Uslan studied classical piano as a child in South Orange, N.J. and later majored in classical piano performance at Indiana University. All the while, Uslan secretly harbored a ragtime addiction, and complimented his classcial piano studies by learning to play like Fats Wller, Jelly Roll Morton and Geroge Gershwin. He also developed formidable improvising skills while accompanying “Full Frontal Comedy”= an improv comedy troupe that staged live improvised musicals based on audience suggestions.

After college, Uslan found his way to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he has enjoyed playing all over town, including with the Charlotte Symphony. In addition to giving concerts and accompanying silent movie screenings, Ethan has served as adjunct visiting lecturer of musci at the University of Norht Carolina-charlotte. He has recorded three CDs as well several silent film scored on DVD. He is also being featured int he upcoming ragtime documentary The Entertainers.

When not playing piano, Ethan enjoys reading mystery novels and spending time with his wife and 2 sons.

Ethan Uslan apperared with the Columbia County Civic Orchestra on September 20th, “Music with Laurel and Hardy” concert, it was an official Westobou Event.

It was amazing!!! ~Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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