Joanne Cain

Hey Everybody! Check this out! I am at Ethan Uslan’s concert at St. Paul’s and I look across the room and my eye catches the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. So before the night is thru, I run over to her, hand her my card, and tell her that our meeting is destiny. Joanne is amazing!!! She is 80 years old. She was a school teacher for fourty years!!! She came to my studio the other day and all I can say now that our day is done is WOW!   We had a crazy day with my equipment-everything kept on acting up-but we fixed it all, and thru it all Joanne and I became friends.  Thru  our chat I learned about her life, her daddy, the grocery store that he had. I heard old stories, like the old carnival tent falling one and also learned that she loves to read-especially anything about history that is true. Joanne loves to antique, and dance. She loves life!! Her secret to life is to “Just Be Happy” Last year she was second runner up in the Augusta Caroline Senior Pageants. She even danced the Charleston for me!  When we parted we hugged like school girls-she is one very special person. ~Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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