Edge Hair Salon and Spa

Hey Everybody, I am out in Hammonds Ferry today at the Edge Hair Salon. I am photographing David Towles and his wonderful staff. David wants to do some print ads and website work so he hired me to photograph. I have had alot of fun making this blog!!! Do you all like it? I love it!!! I have been working non stop on the YMCA photos so it felt so good to take a break and create something!!! And I hope you will check out David’s salon in Hammonds Ferry, they do a great job, when you are done, you can walk right across the street and have lunch. Hammonds Ferry is so cute, I just want to stay down there. Today, they also had an art exhibit by six local artist in the building directly across from David’s.  I especially liked some of the barn paintings and oils done with bright colors. If you haven’t been to Hammonds Ferry in awhile, get in the car and go, right now the leaves are starting to fall and the walk along the river is beautiful!!! Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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