Caitlyn’s Tea

Hey Everybody!!! Hope you all had a nice weekend!!! I had the most fabulous weekend photographing Caitlyn’s Oellerich’s Sweet 16th Birthday Tea yesterday at the Partridge Inn in downtown Augusta. Caitlyn’s Tea was AMAZING!!! Her famiy planned out every detail. They had a fabulous signing board and portrait of Caitlyn done and they decorated the room so beautiful. It was filled with beautiful fresh flowers and balloons that matched the color of Caitlyn’s dress. The cake tasted as good as it looked, and the Partridge Inn did a fabulous job with food!!! They had fresh fruit, quiche and sandwiches. It looked yummy. The best part though of Caitlyn’s Tea were all her friends who came out to help her celebrate her birthday. They stayed and sang, and giggled and girl talked all afternoon. It was a blast. Caitlyn has alot of friends and she is truly one very special girl. Happy Birthday Caitlyn, We all love you!!! Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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