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The Brown’s

Hey Everybody, I was over in Westlake yesterday with the Brown Family. Their son, Tripp, was home for Thanksgiving, so they planned a photo shoot for family photos. As usual, the girls look amazing-, and their dog was so cute.  Trixie did not want to leave Tripp’s side. The photo’s turned out stunning, and I […]

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The Rhodes Thanksgiving

Hey Everybody, The Rhodes got a jump on you all, they had their Thanksgiving dinner tonight at Aubrey Rhodes house in Evans. They hired my company to do a family photo for them. The place was just bustling with excitement and the house was filled with babies!!!! Seriously, they have a lot of young children […]

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Hey Everybody, I was in the studio today with one of my favorite seniors from Glenn Hills High School. Her name is Charneta, and she is awesome. She is also the class valedictorian!!! She loves to play volleyball, and hang with her friends. And she is either going to go to Valdosta or Georgia Southern […]

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The Askin’s Christmas Photos

Hey Everybody, I am over in Martinez today in Westlake. I am photographing one of my favorite Lakeside girls Regan Askin and her brother Franklin. Her mom wanted to do Christmas photos so we went in the yard and did a lot of really great photos. Then near the end I kept looking over at […]

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Christmas Portrait Sessions on Sale!!!

Hey Everybody, hope you are all getting ready for Thanksgiving. I am feeling kinda behind today, my neighbors have already put out their Christmas decorations, and I still haven’t bought my turkey for Thanksgiving!!! Anyway, it is ok…we still have time to shop for a turkey and a few more weeks to put up those  […]

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Marshall YMCA Flag Football

Hey Everybody, I am over in Evans today at the Jewish Community Center Photographing all of the Marshall YMCA Flag Football Teams. It is a bright sunny day, settled in with the beautiful backdrop of fall leaves sprinkled with red, orange and yellow leaves. The air is crisp, the kids are happy and the parents […]

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Sally’s New Car

Sally\’s new car!! Hey Everybody, I just bought a brand new car at Milton Rubin, and check out this video, is this fun or what…I love the part where I am driving away in my new car!!! It is so awesome. But, watch out if you see my driving around town, I am still getting […]

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The Penney Family

Hey Everybody, I am out in Evans today at the Penney’s! It is an amazing fall day, Georgine and I have been watching the leaves change for weeks now waiting for the perfect day to do their photos. They are planning on getting a large wall portrait for their home and so I am excited-because […]

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Jones Creek Pro Shop

Hey Everybody, I am up at the clubhouse in the Pro Shop today with Jim Burton and Ashley working on an ad for a magazine for the holidays. The pro shop is filled with lots of cool Jones Creek merchandise so if you are looking for the ideal gift for your hubby head up to […]

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The Henry Family

Hey Everybody, I am out today in North Augusta with the Henry Family.  Now here is a true story for you. Around two years ago, I had sent a photo to the convenience photo lab to be processed. I’m standing in line and Liz Henry is in front of me. She says to the cashier, […]

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