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Hey Everybody, I am out photographing again today, one of my favorite day cares Childcare Network.  We had a fabulous day and we got all of the little ones photographed even the babies, so I decided to make a collage from one of the little ones, her name is Tegan and she is just a few weeks old. She is so cute. We had a lot of you parents really dress these kids up, and I appreciate it so much, when the kids come dressed for photos, they always turn out better, so thank you very much. But my very favorite student of the day was a little boy named Phenix Oleco. When he came to be photographed he was so shy, I kept smiling and trying to get him to say cheese. I don’t know where it came from, but I looked at him and said say “Hola!!!” Next thing you know he bubbles up with excitement and shouts Hola back and me and thirty little kids in the class starting giggling and clapping. It was an amazing moment. Phenix is awesome!!!!

And so when Phenix was done, I was waving at him goodbye and give him high five…with a smile and the words adios!!!! And so it is tonight, wishing you all a great night. ~Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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