Christmas Portrait Sessions on Sale!!!

Hey Everybody, hope you are all getting ready for Thanksgiving. I am feeling kinda behind today, my neighbors have already put out their Christmas decorations, and I still haven’t bought my turkey for Thanksgiving!!! Anyway, it is ok…we still have time to shop for a turkey and a few more weeks to put up those  Christmas decorations. So as you prepare for the holidays a lot of you will head out to the mall, or the super stores for photos. And well, you stand in line and wait and wait and wait and wait. It is just crazy!!! So I decided I would do a in studio session sale and  blog a little about it. It is in the BTC building in North Augusta, I work by appointment only, but I work all the time, so if you want to schedule a session call me. I work weekends and evenings!!! My studio is quiet. There are no windows! You will never see anyone watching you get photographed and you will love that it is quiet and personable. All of my work is custom and retouched at affordable prices. My 8×10’s are twenty, 5×7 are ten, 4×6 are nine. I also sell canvas wall portraits that are amazing!!!! You pay shipping and handling and Georgia Sales Tax. Everyone orders online, so after your photo shoot you leave go home and your images are posted online.  All photo orders are mailed directly to your home. It is an awesome experience. I use one of the largest professional photography labs in the country, Miller’s lab, and photos are always processed professional. Read below what one of my customers, Makacha White just wrote me yesterday!

“OMG!!!!!! Sally, I received the pictures last night and let me just say that it was probably the best money I have spent in a very long time. I am soooooooooo happy with those pictures. I cannot explain to you. I took them to work and everyone oooohed and awwwwed. It was so wonderful. Darrell later took them to his job to show off too and they were a big hit. I am giving your name out every chance I can. Do you still want to do my birth story??? Darrell commented that I should take you up on your offer. Let me know. Thanks again for a wonderful job!!

It was so nice to receive this note yesterday, remember you to not have to hassle with long waits, large crowds and heavy traffic, just call me!!!

Sally Kolar Photography


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