The Covington’s

Hey Everybody!!! What a beautiful fall day we had yesterday, so I was so excited that Erik and Kayla Ewing called me and asked me to photograph Kayla’s sister and her new husband! Scott and Kari are so cute together and are so thrilled to be expecting a new baby!!! They also brought their dog Chloe out to the park, and she is one cute pup! They traveled here all the way from Alabama to see Erik and Kayla for the weekend. We sat in the park and I got to hear all about Kari’s job, it is totally awesome, she helps google make google maps, her dad’s company flies all over the country photographing arial views, how cool is that?!!!! With an 800 Mega Pixel Camera…….needless to say I want to head to Alabama and visit her soon!!!! Well, it was an awesome day and Scott, Kari, Erik and Kayla you all are just the best, I hope you love your photos!!!! ~Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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