The Edmonson’s

Hey Everybody,  Hope you are all having a great weekend. I have been busy photographing non stop, which led me right to Hammonds Ferry today with the Edmonson Family-one of our very own Lakeside Families.  Their Dad, Robert is a military commander and headed to Afghanistan for the next six months, so they wanted to do a family portrait before he left. Their family session was a blast, and we had a lot of fun doing their portraits. Then near the end of the session, we took their dog out of the car and played with him, it was however a real challenge to get him to look at the camera, but look above, WE DID IT!!! Were you outside today?????  Did you check the weather out? I know there was a time change but even in the afternoon, it was so cold..  It was freezing!!!!  So you will have to ask Robert and Alex whether they took the double dare I gave them!!!! Did they really take the plunge or am I just amazing at photoshop???? And now that I am home , it’s time for a  little R&R,  hot chocolate, and the Amazing Race!!! It’s a wonderful world!!!! Hope you all love the photos!!! ~Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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