The Henry Family

Hey Everybody, I am out today in North Augusta with the Henry Family.  Now here is a true story for you. Around two years ago, I had sent a photo to the convenience photo lab to be processed. I’m standing in line and Liz Henry is in front of me. She says to the cashier, I have pictures of my daughter, they are senior pictures, and what I want to do is put her name and her graduation year on them. Well, the employee said, No, I cannot help you, that is a service we do not offer. Mrs. Henry looked disappointed. I looked up at Mrs. Henry and said, give me the pictures, I will go home put your daughter’s name and year on them for you and your daughter will be happy. So off we went our separate ways and Ashley graduated with wallets that she liked-courtesy of Sally Kolar Photography, that she could pass out to her friends. Fast forward two years!!!! That’s right folks…two year….Liz kept my card, and she said she always remembered if she was going to do family photos she would call me. I was in shock when she called and she said do you remember me? I was like….from where?  Do you remember what you did for my family? Well, I have a short memory so she had to remind me…so how nice is this-she tells me the story and I’m like oh yea I remember that!!!! So she scheduled a session with me, and that was today.  I was so happy to do their family photos!!! What a great family they have. Their daughter, Ashley, graduated from Greenbrier and now attends GMC and their son Israel is a junior and goes to Grovetown High School. They even brought their cute dog, Miley on the photo session. Their dog is sooooo cute!!!We had a lot of  fun on the session and I know they are just going to love their photos. When I got home I decided to make their blog look like a wall portrait in my favorite frame, the Madison from Hand Crafted Framing, because I could truly see this 20×24 hanging on their wall in their home. It was an awesome day, and very special to me that one of my quick crazy adventures came full circle. Life is always so sweet!!! Sally

Sally Kolar Photography

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