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Happy New Year!!!

Hey Everybody!!! I am wishing you all a very nice happy New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year Day!!!  Watch some football or a movie or too, just relax.   I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year! ~Sally

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Strengthen Your Community

Hey Everybody! Hope you are all doing well, I just got a letter from Justin Goolsby over at the Marshall YMCA, they are starting their Strengthen Your Community Campaign for 2011. The goal for the Marshall YMCA here in Evans is $60.000. And I was thinking for them to meet this goal, we are all […]

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Mid Week Connection

Hey Everybody!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you are all doing well.  We had an awesome Christmas and are ready to roll into the New Year in just a few days. Things have quieted down a little, which feels good, but a few of you took me up on my first […]

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Hey Everybody!!! I just thought I would brag about my daughter Brittany! Just a little! As you all know Brittany has been brought up in the photography world since she was very little!!! She attended my very first competition years ago, and has sat by my side every year since when I have competed. In […]

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Braelyn is Born!!!

Hey Everybody!!! I got to photograph a baby being born, here is the story!!!!  It started out early at MCG Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. The night before my mom to be: Makacha was admitted to the hospital and she was awoken early so she could be induced into labor. There were hours and hours of […]

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Merry Christmas

Hey Everybody, it is almost Christmas, and my photo shoots are all done, the lab has shut down, and it is time for us all to relax and spend some quality time with our families. At the Kolar home, the kids are home from college and enjoying Wayne’s home cooked meals and just being able […]

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Aidan and Payton’s Christmas Pictures

Hey Everybody, I am in the studio today with my two favorite boys, Aidan and Payton. And boy are these boys growing. Aidan, I think has grown two inches since the last time I saw him and Payton is starting to talk. He can even say thank you. Which is so sweet. We had an […]

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Currier and Ives Christmas-Sage Valley Golf Club

Hey Everybody, I am out tonight with my team-team Kolar,  photographing the annual Currier and Ives Christmas Party at Sage Valley Golf Club. It is wonderful. The families are greeted at the entrance and are served hot cider and treats. Then they travel by a wagon to the clubhouse, where they are greeted by singing […]

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Holiday Sale-Buy one Get one Free

Hey Everybody, I am sitting at my computer today, and well, I feel like having a sale. Never had a sale before, so am wondering whether you all might like this. It is a buy one get one free sale!!! It last for the next few days.  There are some restrictions: All orders must be […]

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Ten Days till Christmas!!!

Hey Everybody, hope you are all doing well. It has been a very busy month and the orders just keep coming in. As you all know, I do it all-photographing, production and ordering, so it has been a lot of late evenings and early mornings as we are just about to roll into the New […]

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