Hey Everybody!!! I just thought I would brag about my daughter Brittany! Just a little! As you all know Brittany has been brought up in the photography world since she was very little!!! She attended my very first competition years ago, and has sat by my side every year since when I have competed. In the last few years many of you have met her out on jobs with me and we have been bringing her up to be a photographer in her own rights. She is in her second year at Georgia Southern and majoring in Graphic Design. She is highly talented and amazing at photo shop. For Christmas we thrilled her…we bought her a brand new Mac Computer and all of the Adobe Suites-yes-all of them plus Corel Painter. Once she learns them all she is going to teach me!!!  Last week when it snowed we headed over to the Penney’s farm and did some snow shots. As usual, Brittany took the picture of the day. When she saw these two horses snuggle up to get warm, she seized the moment and caught it! It is an amazing picture. When I went out working the other day, Brit opened her Corel painter and went to work on the photo. When I came home, she was like, mom what do you think? What do I think, I think my daughter is (freaking) amazing, and me, I feel blessed to have her as a daughter, she is so talented!!!! She is part of Sally Kolar Photography! And I promise you,  as the years go on, she is going to be a vital part of this company. I am thrilled!!!

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