Courtney’s Bridal Luncheon

Hey Everybody!!! Hope you are all doing well, and well looking for the Bank’s-Johnson Wedding photos….well, they are all coming and there are a lot of them. It was one of the most fabulous weddings I have ever done in my life. The Banks and The Johnson Family combined their love for Courtney and Jimmy and threw what I believe to be one of the best weddings of the season!! Every part of this wedding weekend was planned and it was beautiful. I will be uploading photos in the next two days, yes folks that is how long it is going to take!!! We are going to start with the bridal luncheon that was held at Westlake on Friday afternoon.

Courtney was the guest of honor at a Bridal Luncheon held at Westlake Country Club in Evans, Georgia. The luncheon was hosted by two of her Tri-Delt sorority sisters and their moms- Meredith Gibert and her mom, Debbie who came in from Calhoun, Georgia and Maggie Schaufler and her mom, Mardi who came in from LaGrange Georgia. They had the room decorated beautifully. It was done with pink table-clothes and amazing fresh pink and white flowers from LadyBug florist. WestLake served up a very nice fresh salad, and quiche and topped it off with your choice of key lime pie or scrumptious oreo pie. It was fabulous. After the luncheon, Courtney and her mom, passed out gifts to all of the girls in the wedding party. The girls were given matching pearl earrings. They were beautiful. Then all the girls posed for pictures and headed out to get ready for what would be one busy fun filled weekend. Thanks go out to Meredith, Debbie, Maggie and Mardi for hosting such a nice bridal luncheon for Courtney. She is blessed to have such great friends!!!!

Sally Kolar Photography

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