Holiday Sale-Buy one Get one Free

Hey Everybody, I am sitting at my computer today, and well, I feel like having a sale. Never had a sale before, so am wondering whether you all might like this. It is a buy one get one free sale!!! It last for the next few days.  There are some restrictions: All orders must be called in, or e-mailed. Do not order online. Also, you still must pay shipping and Georgia Sales Tax. So here is how it works, whatever you buy…say like an 8×10, you can choose any image you like and have another 8×10 made of that image. Same with if you buy a 4×6 you would get a 4×6 for free. If you buy a dvd from a session, you can get the dvd from a previous session for free. This is a limited time special, so order while you can!!!! Happy Holidays….Ho HO HO!!!! Sally

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