Naviocom Holiday Christmas Party

Hey Everybody, I am out photographing again, and tonight it is for the nice folks out at Fort Gordon. The Naviocom Division is having their annual holiday party at Savannah Rapids and they asked me to photograph for them. It was an amazing party with lots of fun, partying, and dancing and well everyone had a great time. The pictures are going online as we speak now. For all you folks new to my website, this is how you view your photos. Go to the top of the header bar…it says..home..galleries…about sally…one says…”Your Event” …double click “Your Event” then look on the new page near the top for the Naviocom Holiday Party, double click and you can view your photos. If you were photographed against the green screen and you requested a special background that is what will come with your pictures, this background, was put up quickly so you all could view photos, if you have any questions at all, use the contact Sally on the home page, and I will answer your questions. I hope you all had a wonderful time at the party and thank you so much for choosing my company to photograph “Your Event”….Happy Holidays!!!! Sally

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