Strengthen Your Community

Hey Everybody! Hope you are all doing well, I just got a letter from Justin Goolsby over at the Marshall YMCA, they are starting their Strengthen Your Community Campaign for 2011. The goal for the Marshall YMCA here in Evans is $60.000. And I was thinking for them to meet this goal, we are all going to have to reach in our pockets and send them a little. So I decided to put it here on my blog, since a lot of my sports team parents check out my blog on a regular basis, the Y could really use your help. I could sit here and retype all of the nice things that the Y put in their brochure, and you could read it and be like yea yea yea, someone else who needs my money. But the truth of the matter is, there are kids in Evans, Grovetown and Martinez and all over Augusta who could use our help  They might be your neighbors kids or kids right on your very own street. Donations to the Y make it possible for kids who need a little extra help to be able to play a season of youth sports. And that would be truly awesome and make a lot of kids smile! Sally

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