Ten Days till Christmas!!!

Hey Everybody, hope you are all doing well. It has been a very busy month and the orders just keep coming in. As you all know, I do it all-photographing, production and ordering, so it has been a lot of late evenings and early mornings as we are just about to roll into the New Year. I am very blessed, I use an amazing lab, Miller’s lab, and they are working non stop 24-7 till Christmas. That means there is still time to photograph, and still time to receive images before Christmas….or until I drop from exhaustion. I welcome cups of coffee from Starbucks and friends who call to say hi or facebook messages that make me grin-, hang in there Sally. And I still haven’t gotten Wayne anything for Christmas so if you have any ideas send me suggestions-except no kittens…I mean it, it is on his list to get a puppy dog(-we  love  Aussies)!!! Merry Christmas to you all and keep smiling!!! Sally

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