The Haley Children

Hey Everybody, I am out at the Haley’s house today off of Hardy McManus doing Christmas photos. And well, these kids, let’s say it, I love them (And this is very fun for me because usually I photograph them in YMCA uniforms instead of dress clothes!!!!) . They are sooooo cute and so full of life…so we did all of the traditional shots, look at how nice Eddie has them dressed, and then near the end of the shoot,  did the photo above for a little fun. This brought back many memories…when I was little, my parents would hide our  Christmas present in the attic or in the closet and we would try to snoop, although I never dared climb into the attic.  I needed a laugh…This month has been tremendously busy, and I found this photo blog making me chuckle and remembering Christmas’s of the past. And as always, it was  fun to ask the kids what they wanted for Christmas and see their eyes light up. It’s just a few weeks away, hope you all love the photos!!! Sally

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