Three Sally’s!!!

Hey Everybody!!! Hope you are all doing well. I just came home from Imaging USA in San Antonio. Imaging USA is run by the Professional Photographers of America and it is our annual industry convention.  We had speakers and an amazing trade show. This was the first year I was asked to work a booth, and I was proud that I was asked. I helped the folks from Hand Crafted Framing-Brad, Sercy, Chase, fellow photographers,  Scott and Sally Simon. We had an amazing few days together. While we were working the booth, we noticed a girl named Sally. Sally is such an unusual name and it is the first time in my entire life I have stood with three Sally’s. It was an amazing moment!!! The picture was taken with a small device, so it is not one of the best pixs I have ever posted, but one of my favorite!!! I just wish we would have had J.B. Sallee in the booth, he had just walked by minutes before, then we would have had four of us!!! ~Sally

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