Strom Thurmond Prom Show

Hey Everybody, I was out at Strom Thurmond High School Thursday night for the first time. What a great high school this is. All of the kids and parents were so nice! I just loved it. Edge Hair Salon put on a fashion show featuring all the newest designer gowns and jewelry. Plus Valerie and Elizabeth did all the girls makeup and David did the hair. It was amazing. I wish we would have had more time to photograph before the event started, we actually had just a few minutes to get in a classroom and do a fun few shots, this was one of my favorites!!!! If you are all new to my website, to look at the images from the show, go to the top of the header bar, look for one called “Your Event” double click it, then go to Strom Thurmond Prom Show-double click, Hope you all love the photos! Sally

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